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Questions and Answers for RFP 002-2016

RFP 002-2016, Transportation Improvement Program Online Service (pdf)

Thank you to all the vendors who submitted questions by the November 17, 2016 deadline. The answers can be found below in the Questions and Answers pdf. Addiitonally supportive attachments are referenced in the questions. They can be found below under the Questions Attachment sections.

Questions and Answers RFP 002-2016 (pdf)

Question Attachments
Example Comparative Report (pdf)
Example Funding Report (pdf)
Example Funding Report with Allocations (pdf)
Example Funding Summary Report (pdf)
Example Project Report (pdf)
Project Prioritization Glossary (pdf)
User Instructions (pdf)
Workflow Notes Screenshots (pdf)


Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Contract Language (pdf)