Commute By Bike

Cycling is a healthy activity for you, it doesn't pollute the air, and it saves you gas and parking expenses from using a car. But riding a bicycle in traffic can be intimidating. Bicycling with someone else increases your visibility in traffic and helps ensure your safety in the event of a flat tire or road accident.

How to Commute Long Distances
Commuting long distances are not an issue for people willing to combine a bicycle trip with public transit. The Bus of City Utilities has bike racks on all buses. Loading your bike is easy. Simply ride to a bus stop, load your bike on an easy-to-use bus bike rack, and continue the next leg of your commute. In May, the Transit area participates the Bike, Bus and Walk Week. Free rides are available to bike riders who wish to incorporate the bus into their commute.

Bicycling tips for commuters; what bicyclists should know about sharing the road and commuting safely:
- Remember to plan your bike route by first driving it
- Be aware of your surroundings
- Maintain and inspect your bike before every trip
- Dress suitably at night and in bad weather
- Carry drinking water, a mobile phone, and use a bicycle-mounted bag for storage
- Wear a correctly fitted bicycle helmet
- Use a front and rear bicycle light at night
- Take your place in traffic
- Ride predictably and visibly
- Know and follow all traffic laws

Other Options
Walking can also be a commute alternative — either the entire distance, if you live close to work or school, or from a bus stop or a park-and-ride lot. Be creative with your commuting options. Use the bus to get to work or school in the morning, and ride your bike home in the evening, or vice versa. Pick certain days during the week to ride your bike consistently.

City of Springfield Bike Routes (pdf)

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City of Springfield Bike Routes (pdf)
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