Bicycle and Pedestrian

BikePed Priorities Map

Bicycling and walking are important components of the overall transportation network.  Ozarks Transportation Organization encourages all projects to consider bicycling and walking needs, in addition to providing support for projects that solely address bicycling and walking.

In 2010, Springfield was named a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.

Ozarks Transportation Organization's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was most recently updated with Journey 2035, OTO's Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), adopted in December 2011. Read more about  Journey 2035 here.

Funding Opportunities
$1.13 million in Bike/Ped funding available through the Transportation Alternatives Program (formerly Enhancements). Deadline for applications is Dec. 1, 2014.
Guidelines and Application
Fill-in Application

Funding opportunities for Bicycle and Pedestrian projects are available, and updated information can be found on MODOT's Safe Routes to School.

Get Involved!
Ozark Greenways' Sustainable Transportation Advocacy Resource Team (START),  advocates for local forms of sustainable transportation including bicycling, walking, commuting and public transit.

Let's Go Smart Springfield, a community partnership led by Ozark Greenways, is designed to encourage the people of Springfield to make wiser transportation choices every day.


Bike/Ped Implementation Report FY2014 (pdf)
Bike/Ped FY2014 Brochure (pdf)   

OTO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan,
   CH 8 from Journey 2035 (pdf)

OTO Bike/Ped Priorities Map (pdf)
OTO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
    Annual Report 2012 (pdf)

Bicycle Friendly Community
Safe Routes to School (
Sustainable Transportation Advocacy Resource Team (START)
Let's Go Smart Springfield