Commute By Bus

As a cost-effective way to travel, the Bus can be used for some or all of your commute. Whether carpooling or bicycling, the Bus may be able to help you go the extra mile. City Utilities bus fares can be found here.  Reduced fares are available.  A reduced fares application can be found here.  Call (417) 831-8782 for help planning your ride.

Employers may even offer a way to take the Bus tax-free. City Utilities Transit offers a program called CURB (City Utilities Ridership Benefit). CURB is a cost-effective employee benefit that can help your company attract and retain employees. CURB provides tax savings for employers, serves as a unique recruiting tool, improves morale and reduces absenteeism, and increases free time and productivity.

Employees also find they save money by reducing fuel purchases and wear and tear on their car, have less stress caused by dealing with traffic, and most important - personal time to catch up on reading, work, or just enjoy the company of other commuters.

Builds Employee Loyalty
Even a small contribution to employees’ transportation needs can give you a competitive edge as a company that cares. CURB not only gets employees to work, but for the same low cost, they can ride The Bus during off-work hours.

Creates Tax Benefits
Through CURB, The Bus provides a discount on all Monthly Bus Passes and you match this amount or contribute more or all of the cost as part of your employee benefits package. The amount is up to you. The IRS has created a transportation fringe benefit for transit that an employer and employees can use to reduce employment tax liability

Easy to Administer and Risk-Free
Each month, your company receives monthly passes. You only pay for the passes sold and return the unused passes. The Bus provides free pick-up and delivery of the passes.

For more information about ways to benefit from CURB, call City Utilities Transit at (417) 831-8368.


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