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Carpooling Overview


How Carpooling Works
Carpooling occurs any time two or more people ride in a vehicle together. Anyone can share a ride — neighbors, classmates, coworkers or even someone you have just met. Some carpoolers take turns driving and exchange no money at all. Others drive all the time and pick up riders who share the costs of commuting.

If you are interested in trying or joining a carpool, the OzarksCommute program can help you find other people going the same way at the same time or introduce you to possible vanpools that operate in your area.

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Carpooling Benefits
The benefits of carpooling are many, but some that are most often reported include:
- Savings – in some cases dramatic – on commute costs
- Less wear and tear on your vehicle
- Less stressful commute/less driving
- Reducing traffic congestion and fuel consumption
- Helping to keep the air clean
- Unexpected benefits like making new friends and keeping more consistent work hours

How to Register and Find Carpool Matches
Register with OzarksCommute by calling (417) 831-RIDE or by creating a personal account through our online matching service. Once registered, there is no obligation to form or join a carpool or a vanpool. Using OzarksCommute, you can:
- Create a password-protected account
- Enter and manage your carpool preferences
- Get instant matches with other commuters who want to form or join carpools
- Send instant e-mail messages to your matches
- Access your account at any time to update your profile or search for more matches


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Carpooling Overview
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