Commute Tools and Services for Employers


OzarksCommute works with employers in the Springfield metropolitan area to develop commute programs that promote alternatives to driving alone.

We’ll help you determine needs, and develop marketing messages to promote alternative transportation.

OzarksCommute offers in-house carpool matching using, a web-based tool that helps your employees find ridesharing opportunities within your company or in the regional carpool matching database.

Our Commute Tracker calendar lets employees keep track of their alternative transportation trips and see what a difference it makes.

We offer a reporting tool for employers to monitor alternative transportation usage, miles of driving saved, and reductions in harmful emissions.

We invite you to participate in a regional employer-based commuter challenge during Bike, Bus, Walk to Work week every May.

We can share tips and information on carpooling and vanpooling, public transit, bicycling, and work alternatives such as telecommuting and flextime.


Commuting: OTO Rideshare website

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