In today's competitive marketplace, every minute counts. Employers that offer variable work hours can increase their hours of operation and create more productive employees. A variety of work scheduling options are available for adaptation in many employment situations. Three common approaches that increase the opportunity for energy-efficient travel are:

Allows variations on the normal eight-hour day and/or fixed hours of work for employees

Staggered work hours
Staggers employees’ starting and ending times from 15 minutes to two hours to spread out the peak commuting period and relieve traffic congestion

Compressed work weeks
Permits employees the option of finishing their usual number of working hours in fewer days per week or fewer days per pay period

Benefits of Flextime Options
Alternative work schedules reduce training and recruitment costs and discourage employee turnover. A modest alternative work scheduling program can be implemented without substantial changes in company routine. Employee accountability and supervisory coverage can be ensured if alternative work scheduling programs are kept simple.

Who Uses Flextime Options?
Many employers across the United States are taking advantage of the employee/employer benefits flextime can provide. Presently, 12 to 13 percent of all nongovernmental organizations in the U.S. with more than 50 workers as well as approximately 90 federal agencies across the country operate with some kind of flextime. This comprises nearly 6 percent of the total national workforce.

How to Start a Flextime Options Program
Employers may want to start a pilot program with a small number of employees, and then increase participation based on the pilot program results. Or a company may institute a formal policy and open flextime to all employees.

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