A vanpool is an organized ridesharing arrangement where a group of commuters ride to and from work on a regular basis. If you are interested in trying or joining a carpool or vanpool, the OzarksCommute program can help you find other people going the same way at the same time, or introduce you to possible vanpools that operate in your area.

Never vanpooled before? Find answers to common questions about vanpooling below.

What is a Vanpool?
A vanpool is a ridesharing arrangement where a group of commuters ride to and from work on a regular basis. Vanpools are usually more structured and formalized in their organization than carpools. They work best when the commute is 30 miles or more and there are some riders who do not want to drive at all. Vanpools operate in different ways: some are leased, some are provided by employers and some commuters use their own vehicles.

Why should I join a Vanpool?
- Decreases commuting time and expenses
- Qualifies you for rider incentives (where available)
- Reduces wear and tear on your personal vehicle
- Allows you to catch up on work, sleep or other activities (e.g., read a book or newspaper)

What are my Vanpooling options?
For information on local vanpooling options, call (417)831-RIDE. National providers such as VSPI Commuter vanpools and Enterprise are options as well. Once created, your vanpool may be included on for others to find as well.

How many people are in a Vanpool?
Usually a vanpool is made up of seven to 15 riders, depending on the size of the vehicle.

How much does it cost?
Costs may vary depending upon who is offering the program, though often times the driver may not pay any monthly fees.

How do I start or join a Vanpool?
Contact OzarksCommute for more information about starting a vanpool at (417) 831-RIDE.


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