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Good Afternoon, Dan,

CMT and our staff have looked at the resolution that the City of Springfield had prepared for the 2020 RAISE Grant Application. The wording is good for the new INFRA Resolution. If possible, we would like to add in the additional support “whereas” for the pedestrian walkway under I-44 at Broadway Avenue, Grant Avenue, and National Avenue. We have included ADA sidewalk connections from Norton to Kearney for these three Avenues. I have highlighted the fact sheet summary of the pedestrian addition below:

  • Create a cohesive community by improving three existing pedestrian connections and adding a new pedestrian walkway under I-44 with wide sidewalks, safe lighting, and aesthetic improvements.
  • Below is the City of Springfield's prior resolution and the I-44 INFRA Project Fact Sheet

Cityof Springfield Appendix A Evidenceof Match I 44

I44 INFRA Fact Sheet 031122

If you need anything else, please let me know.

Thank you!

Debbie Parks

Grants Administrator

Ozarks Transportation Organization

2208 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Suite 101

Springfield, MO 65807

Phone (417) 865-3042 Ex. 106

Fax (417) 862-6013

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