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Ozarks Area Transit Providers

A comprehensive list of all of the area's transit providers, including public, private, rental, and senior & disabled options.

Benefits of Trails

The OTO Trail Investment Study highlighted the benefits of trails, capturing them in this great infographic.

2020 Missouri Legislative Priorities

A list of legislative priorities that the organization supports and opposes for the year 2020.

The front of the OTO office, a large red brick building
An elevated, panoramic view of Springfield
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MO Capitol Building

Welcome to the Ozarks Transportation Organization.

Your input matters. Think about transportation in the region.

  • What is important to you? You can find options here.
  • How do I engage in the process? You can give input on what impacts you.

Our Mission

To provide a forum for cooperative decision-making in support of an excellent regional transportation system.

Featured Video

Willard Visualization

This is just one of the visualizations OTO created as examples of the recommendations found in Journey 2035, OTO's 2011 Long Range Transportation Plan.

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