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Transportation Planning Tools

The OTO has assembled a wide range of tools and resources useful to the transportation planning professional. These tools have been organized into four toolboxes:

  • Complete Streets Toolbox

  • Connectivity Toolbox

  • Major Streets Plan Toolbox- Coming Soon

  • Traffic Impact Study Toolbox

These toolboxes are accessed below. Descriptions are available after the links.

Transportation Planning Tools


Complete Streets Toolbox

Tools for Creating Complete Streets


Connectivity Toolbox

tools for creating a connected road network

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Major Streets Plan Toolbox

Tools for improving your major streets plan- Coming Soon

TIS Memo

TIS Toolbox

Tools for Improving Traffic Impact Studies

Complete Streets Toolbox

Our Complete Streets Toolbox includes links to a number of national design guides related to street design, urban bikeways, and multimodal networks. Guides related to shared micro-mobility regulations, and small town and rural design are also available. Finally, tools for creating your own Complete Street Roadway Profile are also available.

Connectivity Toolbox

The Connectivity Toolbox includes a variety of policy guides and example ordinances/policies focused on building network connectivity into a community's subdivision regulations and other development standards. Street connectivity, pedestrian pathways, and shared parking and cross access are all explored. Example ordinances and policies are available from communities across the country, including mid-western states.

Major Streets Plan Toolbox- Coming Soon

Our Major Streets Plan Toolbox provides examples of communities using their major streets plans, and accompanying design standards, to create streets that serve all users and fit with the surrounding land uses.

Traffic Impact Study Toolbox

The Traffic Impact Study Toolbox includes model guidelines for a tiered approach to traffic impact studies. This policy includes clear standards and expectations, for both the city and the developer. This policy should eliminate much of the costly back-and-forth often associated with impact study approval.

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