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Legislative Priorities

2021 Federal Legislative Priorities

Short Term Priorities

OTO supports the timely passage of long-term transportation reauthorization legislation that includes increased funding levels for roads, bridges, transit, bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure and transportation planning.

OTO supports partnerships between local, state, and federal entities that will maximize available dollars through collaborative efforts.

OTO requests additional transportation infrastructure funding to support the OTO Priorities which include safety and congestion relieving projects, as well as bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to support the continued development of a healthy region.

OTO supports an increase in the FAA Passenger Facility Charge to assist funding airport facilities.

OTO supports the streamlining of environmental review processes including one federal decision and reductions in authorization decision timelines to extend to Environmental Assessments as well Environment Impact Statements.

Longer Term Priorities

OTO supports long term sustainable funding for transportation in order to strengthen the United States Highway Trust Fund program and ensure funding is available for the country’s critical transportation infrastructure projects.

OTO supports more direct allocations to state, regional, and local governments with less federal oversight and streamlined regulations.

2021 State Legislative Priorities

OTO supports alternative sources of funding for transportation infrastructure to ensure increased investment in the statewide system; such funding should not negatively impact the state's limited general revenue budget.

  • OTO supports the MoDOT Miles Per Gallon Equitable Motor Vehicle Registration Model.
  • OTO supports a 10-cent motor fuel tax increase to include two cents per year for five years to replace lost revenue due to inflation and increased vehicle fuel efficiency.
  • OTO supports increasing auto license and registration fees in order to fund transportation infrastructure improvements.
  • OTO supports partnerships between MoDOT, local governments, and the private sector including the cost share program.

OTO supports increased funding for multimodal transportation to improve port, rail, aviation, and a dedicated source of state transit funding for Missouri’s public transit providers.

OTO supports legislation that provides states, cities, and counties the right to collect sales and use taxes from internet sales regardless of the location of the business providing the good or service.

OTO opposes the transfer of state-owned roadways to local ownership and maintenance with or without funding to offset the cost.


OTO supports the passage of a primary seatbelt law to allow law enforcement to stop a driver for not wearing a safety belt.

OTO supports the prohibition of hand-held texting while driving for all drivers.

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