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Comment Policy

By using Ozarks Transportation Organization’s (OTO) website you agree to be subject to the following terms and conditions.

OTO reserves all rights in relation to the organization’s website including, but not limited to:

Adding, removing, or modifying content

OTO may at any time delete inappropriate, irresponsible content, or content that is inconsistent with the purpose of OTO’s mission. To the extent applicable OTO reserves the right to not publish any comment that fails to follow the website guidelines set forth here. Examples of inappropriate or irresponsible content include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Defamatory, malicious, obscene, intimidating, discriminatory, harassing or threatening comments, or hate propaganda;
  • Comments that incite violence of any kind;
  • Activity that violates any laws or regulations;
  • Solicitation of OTO, its employees and/or followers;
  • Spam directed to OTO, its employees and/or followers, including automatically generated content or repeated postings of the same content;
  • Any comment or post that may infringe upon any intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to: brand names, trade names, logos, copyrights, or trade secrets or any person or business;
  • Any content deemed to be disruptive to the website outlet and its followers;
  • Content posted by fake or anonymous users.

OTO’s public comment section on this website is not the appropriate place to resolve issues and/or complaints. We do encourage feedback and interaction; however, the above-mentioned items are best handled by trained OTO staff. If you are interested in sharing comments or feedback beyond the scope of our comment section on this website, please email us at

OTO does not control, create, endorse, or represent any opinions or statements made by others on any of its social media outlets or this website. Users of OTO’s website should understand that content submitted via this outlet is public and will not place OTO under any obligation to any user. As a result, OTO is free to disclose and use the ideas contained in the content on a non-confidential basis to anyone without liability.

Always use caution when disclosing any personally identifiable information about yourself or others on any public forum.

Users agree that any content posted on OTO’s website grants OTO worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, display, and distribute such content by any and all media and distribution methods known or later developed. By submitting content users waive any right to inspect or approve such uses and agree to hold harmless OTO from any and all claims by the original user, heirs, and executors.

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