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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

About the Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the short-range capital improvement program for various transportation systems located in the Springfield metropolitan planning area. The TIP is a financially constrained four-year program outlining the most immediate implementation priorities for area transportation projects, and carrying out the goals and vision of Destination 2045, the OTO’s long range transportation plan. It serves to allocate limited financial resources among the various transportation needs of the community and to program the expenditure of federal, state, and local transportation funds. In order to receive federal highway or transit funds, a project must be included in the TIP, though the TIP should also include any regionally significant projects, including those funded from non-federal funding sources. A regionally significant project is on a facility that serves regional transportation needs (such as access to and from the area outside the region; major activity centers in the region; major planned developments such as new retail malls, sports complexes, or employment centers; or transportation terminals) and would normally be included in the modeling of the metropolitan area’s transportation network. The TIP is developed through a collaborative process in which each jurisdiction or federal recipient of transportation funds is given the opportunity to submit projects to be considered for placement in the TIP.

2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program

Board of Directors Approved 7/24/2023, U.S. DOT Approved 8/16/2023

Board of Directors Approved 9/21/2023, U.S. DOT Approved 10/10/2023

Board of Directors Approved 01/18/2024, U.S. DOT Approved 03/07/2024

Board of Directors Approved 03/21/2024, U.S. DOT Approved 03/29/2024

TIP Amendments

We periodically amend the TIP throughout the year. Each amendment provides an opportunity for public input.

The Public Participation Plan outlines when a TIP Amendment requires public input and adoption through the OTO Board of Directors and when OTO staff can administratively modify the TIP. These administrative modifications are shared at the next available Technical Planning Committee and Board meetings.

Prior Transportation Improvement Programs

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