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Current Invitation for Bid (IFB)

Invitation for Informal Bid: CPA Accounting/Bookkeeping Services IFIB 003-2023

Quotes are welcome through August 25, 2023.

Questions and Answers:

  • Does the OTO have a yearly audit? Yes.
  • Does the OTO file a IRS Form 990. No, the OTO is exempt.
  • Would the OTO be open to quarterly accrual accounting entries? Yes, the OTO presents quarterly reports to the Board of Directors. A quarterly accrual would work with the Modified Accrual system.
  • How many 1099's are filed each year? It depends on the purchasing during the year, but usually between 6 and 10 1099s.
  • Is the accounting firm to be the lead in the audit? No, OTO staff is the audit lead. The accounting firm should be available for questions and to produce additional reports if necessary.
  • What type of In-kind transactions are covered? The OTO utilizes service hour in-kind transactions. We do not currently have real property in-kind transactions. We have approved rates for member attendance at meetings. The accounting firm will document in an in-kind template the hours and prepare an in-kind journal entry each month.
  • How often are the finances produced? The OTO balances the financials monthly. The reimbursement requests are produced monthly. The OTO's goal is the 15th of every month.
  • What is involved for the MoDOT grant invoicing? The account would print a class based expense report. That data would be entered into an excel spreadsheet with prepared formulas. There are two spreadsheets. The totals from the excel sheets are entered into the MoDOT Invoice Template. The total dollar amounts are entered into a letter template. These documents and reports are assembled into a pdf document to submit for reimbursement. Additional invoice documentation may be attached.

If you are interested in seeing a sample of the MoDOT grant invoicing or In-kind transactions, I can set up a time through Thursday at 4:00 p.m. via zoom.

Current Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Sealed Bids

Request for Qualifications RFQ #005-2023, Safety Analysis Engineering Consultant

Request for Qualifications are accepted through Friday, September 15 @ 5:00 p.m.

Statements of Qualifications can be mailed or hand delivered to the OTO Office. SOQ can also be submitted through email or DemandStar as outlined in the RFQ. The DemandStar link is found below.

Current Request for Proposals (RFP) Sealed Bids

Request for Proposals RFP #003-2023, Equity Engagement Consultant

Request for Proposals are accepted through Friday, September 15 @ 5:00 p.m.

Questions & Answers Received:

  1. The submittal page maximum is 15 pages - can you please confirm are these 15 pages single or double spaced? The maximum should be a total of 15 double sided pages (so each side numbered starting with the number 1 and ending with the number 15, probably 8 physical sheets)
  2. What stakeholder and public engagement methods have been most effective within the OTO Planning area? We have different results depending on the type of outreach and area we are working on. I have attached the link to our Public Participation Plan and the 2022 Public Participation Plan Evaluation that should give some insight into our current outreach efforts:
  3. What is the identified budget for the equity engagement consultant portion of this planning effort? We have an overall Safety Plan budget. We were awarded a SS4A grant and cannot exceed that amount for all parts of the plan (more information can be found on our SS4A webpage here The budget will be divided between the Equity Engagement Consultant, Safety Analysis Engineering Consultant, data acquisition, OTO Staff Time, and other plan related expenses. We have issued Equity Engagement as an RFP to receive proposals, including price, since we are not as familiar with working with Equity Engagement Consultants.

Proposals can be mailed or hand delivered to the OTO office. Proposals can also be submitted through email or DemandStar as outlined in the RFP. The DemandStar link is found below.

DemandStar and Federal Contract Clause information can be found below.


The OTO is using DemandStar to distribute automatic solicitation notifications, addendums, etc. to all interested firms. This is an automated notification service that will send new opportunities directly to you once your online account has been activated. This service is part of an effort to improve communications with suppliers, streamline and reduce administrative costs. DemandStar is an independent entity and is not an agent or representative of the Ozarks Transportation Organization. This service is not a mandatory requirement in bidding with the OTO, it is a way to be automatically notified of solicitations.

Please click here to go to DemandStar!

Click on the following instructions to learn how to register, search for bids, and submit electronic bids:

Federally required contract clauses for OTO Contracts

Federally Required Contract Clauses

USDOT Appendix A

USDOT Appendix E

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