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Current Invitation for Informal Bid (IFIB)

On occasion the OTO will request formal proposals or qualifications for goods or services needed by the organization to fulfill our planning goals or processes. Those details and deadlines can be found below.

IFIB #004-2022, BNSF Rail Line "Chadwick Flyer" Salvage and Demolition

Addendum #1 - The IFIB #004-2022 Job Special Provisions and IFIB #004-2022 Scope of Work were updated and replaced on 8/30/2022

Addendum #2 - Changes were made to the IFIB #004-2022 Bid Document 9/6/2022 and IFIB #004-2022 Sample Contract on 9/6/2022

Addendum #3 - Changes were made to strike the wording from the IFIB, Contract and JSPs restricting the use of torch tool.

CLOSED - Bid Awarded to Railroad Materials Salvage Inc.

DemandStar and Federal Contract Clause information can be found below.

Federally required contract clauses for OTO Contracts

Federally Required Contract Clauses

USDOT Appendix A

USDOT Appendix E


The OTO is using DemandStar to distribute automatic solicitation notifications, addendums, etc. to all interested firms. This is an automated notification service that will send new opportunities directly to you once your online account has been activated. This service is part of an effort to improve communications with suppliers, streamline and reduce administrative costs. DemandStar is an independent entity and is not an agent or representative of the Ozarks Transportation Organization. This service is not a mandatory requirement in bidding with the OTO, it is a way to be automatically notified of solicitations.

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