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Federally required contract clauses for OTO Contracts

Federally Required Contract Clauses

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Current Formal Bids, Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

On occasion the OTO will request formal proposals or qualifications for goods or services needed by the organization to fulfill our planning goals or processes. Those details and deadlines can be found here. The OTO utilizes DemandStar for our formal procurement notices.

Click on the following instruction to learn how to register and search for bids:

RFQ #001-2022, Chadwick Flyer Phase III Construction Project, is currently on DemandStar and found here: RFQ #001-2022

*RFQ #001-2022 requires firms to be prequalified with MoDOT and listed in MoDOT's Approved Consultant Prequalification List.

Questions received and OTO's responses to RFQ #001-2022

  • I understand the exact limits of the project have not been determined, however is there map/exhibit showing the approximate location of the project?

    Please see attached map. CU Chadwick Flyer Plan View
  • Does the $1,080,000 construction budget determine the length of the project?

    Yes, the construction budget will be considered when determining the exact construction limits of the project.
  • What are the resources that will be supporting the $1M construction cost, design, and inspection?

    See the attached Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO), the Springfield, MO Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) programming sheet. EN2203
  • What stakeholders will be reviewing and commenting on the plans? Review duration?

    OTO and Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) staff
  • Who is on the Proposal review committee?

    OTO and City Utilities of Springfield, MO staff
  • Will there be any landscaping or user amenities incorporated into the project?

    Amenities and aesthetics of the trail will be considered.
  • Is the E-Verify MOU & Affidavit of Compliance and acceptance of Amendment 1 document included in the 20-page limit?

NO, they are not included in the 20 page count.

Also, please provide any amendments that may have been issued or will be issued prior to the RFQ deadline.

There is one amendment to the RFQ. This amendment changes the potential interview timeline. Amendment #1 is found here: Amendment 1 RFQ letter 02142022

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