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Long Range Transportation Plan

Setting Our Vision for Transportation

Every five years the Ozarks Transportation Organization undertakes an update of the region’s Long Range Transportation Plan, looking to assess regional transportation needs for, at least, the next twenty years. The OTO Long Range Transportation Plan serves as the metropolitan transportation plan as described in Federal law. The newest update, Transportation Plan 2040, projects population and employment, as well as travel demands, to the year 2040. Extensive public input has been incorporated into the process, while background data and trends help form the basis for plan recommendations.

Transportation Plan 2040

Transportation Plan 2040 is the 5-year update to the Ozark Transportation Organization’s Long Range Transportation Plan. This plan looks to 2040 to determine transportation needs and priorities throughout the region. Solidified with public input, the OTO looks forward to implementing this plan during the five years until the next update.

The Plan was originally approved at the August 18, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting.

Transportation Plan 2040 Executive Summary

Transportation Plan 2040 Amendment 9 8/15/2019 (Most Recent Version)

Transportation Plan 2040 Amendment 9 8/16/2018

Transportation Plan 2040 as Adopted 8/18/2016

Looking to 2045

Later this year, OTO will be updating Transportation Plan 2040 for a 2045 planning horizon. We will have many opportunities for public input and visioning while we work through all the updates.


See the LRTP in Action

In order to demonstrate the principles stated in the Plan, Ozarks Transportation Organization created visualizations showing the impact improvements can have to the transportation system and surrounding land uses. Originally created for Journey 2035, these visualizations continue to be great examples.








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