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Connectivity Toolbox

What is Connectivity?

From the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet:

"The term 'street connectivity' suggests a system of streets with multiple routes and connections serving the same origins and destinations. Connectivity not only relates to the number of intersections along a segment of street, but how an entire area is connected by the transportation system. A well-designed, highly-connected network helps reduce the volume of traffic and traffic delays on major streets (arterials and major collectors), and ultimately improves livability in communities by providing parallel routes and alternative route choices. By increasing the number of street connections or local street intersections in communities, bicycle and pedestrian travel also is enhanced A well-planned, connected network of collector roadways allows a transit system to operate more efficiently."

From the American Planning Association:

"In general, connectivity requirements have the purposes of creating multiple, alternate routes for automobiles and creating more route options for people on foot and on bicycles. Additional requirements can be added to the ordinances to establish pedestrian routes and passageways between land uses that can link isolated subdivisions to each other and create the shortest, safest routes possible between origins and destinations. Almost all communities that have pursued street connectivity also prohibit or greatly limit gated streets or gated communities."

Implementing Connectivity

Connectivity is implemented through a community's development standards and subdivision regulations. Maximum block lengths, pedestrian passages, and street connections to adjacent developments can all be stipulated through ordinance. Below are examples of regulations taken from cities and counties across America that try to create connected communities. Several policy guides are also available below.

Model Policies and Guidelines

Connectivity Resources

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