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Route FF Corridor Study

Rt. FF is the City of Battlefield’s most important transportation corridor, and it visually defines the city for regional commuters. The roadway connects the City of Battlefield to Springfield and provides important access to the region’s freeway system. The residential and commercial development along the corridor are the only parts of Battlefield many regional commuters regularly experience. As traffic continues to grow, the city needs to understand how to balance the needs of travelers and the desires of city residents.

What's Going On.

The Rt. FF Corridor Study is the community’s opportunity to help define what growth and development might look like along this vital transportation corridor. Will the corridor continue to have isolated commercial developments, or will it have a cluster of businesses that create a central gathering place for the City of Battlefield? Will the corridor accommodate walkers and bikers, in addition to motorists? City leaders will use this study to better understand to know how residents imagine this corridor in ten or twenty years.

How To Be Involved.

There are multiple ways to be involved:

Community Open House: The City of Battlefield, in cooperation with the Ozarks Transportation Organization, is hosting a community open house on the future of Rt. FF on Tuesday, August 2 from 4:30-6:30pm. The public will have the opportunity to review traffic projections and give input on the future character of the corridor. This public workshop is a part of the Rt. FF Corridor Study, and it will occur in the Community Room at Battlefield City Hall immediately prior to the City’s National Night Out events.

What: Community Open House
When: Tuesday, August 2, 4:30 to 6:30pm
Where: Community Room, Battlefield City Hall, 5434 Tower Dr
Who: Battlefield Residents and Users of Rt. FF

If you were unable to make the meeting, you can still provide feedback by completing our Community Survey. This survey asks about the ways you use the Route FF corridor and about your concerns and expectations for three different segments of Route FF. Your input will help inform the City of Battlefield's land use decisions and help the OTO identify and prioritize transportation investments for each part of the Route FF corridor. Click here to view the boards developed for the Community Open House that highlight the connection between future land use and transportation investments along the Route FF corridor.

Comment Card: Please use this online comment card to submit general feedback to the project team at any point.

About the Route FF Corridor

Route FF is a MoDOT-owned highway running through the City of Battlefield. Rt. FF begins north of of the city at James River Freeway and extends south and west to Farm Road 115 at the Christian County line. The Rt. FF Corridor Study is focusing on the highway south of Farm Road 123/Eagle Ridge. Rt. FF is a two lane road through most of the city, with a four lane segment north of Farm Road 123/Eagle Ridge . Daily traffic volumes along Rt. FF in the City of Battlefield range from 10,600 north of Weaver Rd to 2,500 south of Azalea Terrace. Traffic is forecasted to grow to 14,700-16,500 in the north and 6,800-10,900 in the south. The highway traverses many residential areas, with some commercial businesses near Republic Rd, Weaver Rd, and 3rd St.

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