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Request for Expressions of Interest: Trail and Sidewalk Funding

The Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO) will receive approximately $8 million in STBG-Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside(STBG-TA) funding over the life of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). The BIL includes fiscal years 2022 through 2026. The present funding level is significantly higher than under previous federal transportation bills and has necessitated a new process for awarding these funds to OTO communities.

This Request for Expression of Interest (REI) will allow the OTO to formally gauge both interest in STBG-TA funding and project readiness within its study area. Any community that currently expects to apply for STBG-TA funding under the BIL is requested to submit an expression of interest during this open call. Communities are asked to supply a basic project description, an estimated project budget, and a project timeline on any project for which they expect to request STBG-TA funding. Expressions of Interest must be submitted to Andy Thomason, OTO Senior Planner, by October 1, 2022.

REI Guidebook and Expression of Interest Form

REI Cover

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REI Cover

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This REI will allow the OTO to gauge community demand for STBG-TA funding and determine if expected projects will allow for the timely expenditure of the region’s funding. It will also determine the need for the development of any alternative funding programs.

The OTO intends to develop a comprehensive program and projects for its STBG-TA funding rather than awarding projects one fiscal year at a time. This REI will establish a baseline understanding of potential project types, sizes, costs, and timelines. If demand for STBG-TA funding exceeds the region’s allocation, these Expressions of Interest will help inform the development of an appropriate competitive project selection process. If demand for STBG-TA funding is substantially less than the region’s allocation, the OTO also will look for ways to expand the scope of pedestrian improvements on existing STIP and TIP projects.

The OTO expects to rely on information submitted in these Expressions of Interest in the project prioritization process for future Statewide Transportation Improvement Programs (STIP) and in the development of future OTO Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP).

The submission of an Expression of Interest does not guarantee project funding. Funding decisions will be made through a competitive application process.

Expected Timeline

The table below outlines the major milestones and expected dates related to the development of the OTO’s comprehensive program of STBG-TA projects. These milestones include the review of submitted Expressions of Interest, development of an application process, and presentation to the OTO’s Technical Planning Committee and Board of Directors.

Expressions of Interest Due

October 1, 2022

STBG-TA Funding Committee to review expressions of interest and recommend project selection and development processes

November 2022

Recommendation presented to Technical Planning Committee

December 2022

Recommendation considered by Board of Directors

January 2023

Communities Invited to Apply for STBG-TA funding

February-March 2023

Inclusion of STBG-TA funding in OTO TIP


For more information, please contact Andy Thomason at or 417-865-3047 x 107.

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