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Upcoming Meetings

Local Coordinating Board for Transit, March 16, 2017 Agenda

Board of Directors E-Meeting, March 24, 2017 Agenda

For a complete list of meetings, please see our calendar.

Input Needed! The public participation plan survey may be accessed here.

Transit Coordination Plan: User Survey may be accessed here.

Recent Reports

LRTP Executive Summary (pdf)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Projects 2018-2022 (pdf)
FY 2016 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects (pdf)
Funds Balance Report, September 2016 (pdf)
Transportation Plan 2040 - as Amended 2/16/17 (pdf)
FY 2017 Unifed Planning Work Program Amended (pdf)
Performance Measures 2015 (pdf)
Performance Measures 2015 Infographic (pdf)
FY 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program Draft (pdf)
Unified Planning Work Program Admin. Modification 2 (pdf)
OTO Growth Trends 2015 (pdf)
Travel Demand Model 2012 (pdf)

Transportation Plan 2040 Survey Results (pdf)
Public Participation Plan Rev A BOD approved (pdf)
Program Management Plan 2015 (pdf)
Congestion Management Process 2014 (32MB pdf)
Title VI/ADA Program (9.8MB pdf)

Bicycle Pedestrian Implementation Report FY2014 (pdf)
Bicycle Pedestrian FY 2014 Brochure (pdf)
See the newest 2010 Census Data for Missouri

OTO's Priorities of Regional Significance

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Major Thoroughfare Plan Map (6.5MB pdf)

Map of Priorities of Regional Significance (pdf)
MPO Metropolitan Planning Area Map (pdf)
OTO Offices Parking Map (pdf)


Social Media Policy
Public Participation Plan (PPP) (pdf)

   PPP 2013 Annual Evaluation (pdf)

MO Sunshine Law (pdf)
   MO Sunshine Law records request form (docx)

Scribing Error Policy (pdf)

Reasonable Progress Requirements (pdf)


Civil Rights

OTO Title VI / ADA Program (pdf)

Notifying the Public of Rights under Title VI / ADA (pdf)

OTO TitleVI / ADA Policy and Complaint Procedure (pdf)
OTO Title VI /ADA Complaint Form (pdf)

Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEPP) (pdf)
   LEPP Español (pdf)
   LEPP Public Notice (pdf)


OTO receives federal funding and may not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, or national origin, according to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.