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Fix I-44 INFRA Grant Application

Final Grant Application



Support Letters

What is an Multimodal Discretionary Grant:

The OTO is partnering with MoDOT, City of Springfield, and Greene County to apply for a 2022 Multimodal Discretionary Grant. There are two granting opportunities through the Multimodal program: Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) discretionary grant and Mega Projects (National Infrastructure Project Assistance program) to fix I-44. Every year the US DOT issues a call for project applications for possible funding through the discretionary grant program. This is not guaranteed funding. It is a competitive grant based on selection criteria. Curious on what it is? You can find more information here: Multimodal Grant Program

Community Meeting Schedule:

The OTO hosted a community Open House on March 1 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Library Station, 2535 N Kansas Expressway, Springfield, MO

What's Happening Now:

Online Comment Card: Please use this online comment card to submit feedback to the project team at any point.

Proposed Project/Description:

The goal of the application is to obtain funding to fix capacity issues on I-44 between Kansas Expressway and US 65.

Widening and Improving the Roadway. The core of the project is to widen I-44 between Route 13 "Kansas Expressway" to US 65 towards the inside median. This segment is currently two lanes in each direction (eastbound and westbound). Nearly 30 percent of the vehicles on I-44 are freight vehicles. The current four lanes will be rehabilitated with either new pavement or asphalt overlay, as necessary.

Safety. The existing median guard cables will be replaced with concrete barriers to accommodate 6-lane widening. Concrete Barriers are also preferred for improved safety in high truck areas.

Bridge Replacements. The proposed project will replace six, two-lane bridges on I-44 in each direction over Broadway Avenue, Grant Avenue, and National Avenue. These are aging bridges built in 1960 and are all currently on the "weight-restricted" state listing. The proposed bridges will be adjusted to improve vertical clearances under I-44 and accommodate ADA Improvements.

Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements. The project includes ADA sidewalk improvements to Broadway Avenue, Grant Avenue, and National Avenue in the sections from Norton Avenue to Kearney Avenue. It also includes safety lighting placed in the bridge underpasses.

Trail Connections and Neighborhood Connectivity. A box culvert is proposed under I-44 between Grant Avenue and National Avenue. This is a connection for a future planned multi-use trail that will connect Doling Park with Norton Road. The trail is planned to ultimately connect the Hillcrest neighborhood and destinations including the Dickerson Park Zoo, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, and the Fulbright Springs Greenway to the north of I-44. It will also provide connectivity to the Link, that extends from Doling Park and connects to downtown Springfield. The Link is the only north-south bicycle/pedestrian connection in the City of Springfield.

Kansas Expressway Interchange. The Interchange at north Route 13 at I-44 will be replaced with the recommended Interchange solution from the completed North Highway 13 Corridor Study. Currently a study is being conducted for improvements to the Kansas Expressway Interchange. The existing diverging diamond interchange at I-44 and MO 13 was completed in June 2009. Today, the traffic queue exiting westbound I-44 extends into mainline I-44 traffic and traffic delays of up to 20 minutes are experienced by southbound Route 13 drivers. The study will produce an alternate interchange design. Information on the study can be found here: North Hwy 13 Corridor Study

Project Boundaries:

Full Project Map located below:

Proposed Pedestrian Improvement Map found below:

This application focuses on improvements to I-44 from Route 13 (Kansas Expressway) to US 65. Improvements included in the grant application:

Section 1: Route H (Glenstone Avenue) to US 65

  • Widen I-44 from 4 to 6 Lanes (3 Lanes each direction)
  • Existing pavement rebuild
  • Add sound walls if approved in select areas

Section 2: Route 13 (Kansas Expressway) to Glenstone Avenue

  • Widen I-44 from 4 to 6 Lanes (3 Lanes each direction)
  • Existing pavement rebuild
  • Add sound walls if approved in select areas
  • Replace 6 aging bridges and add ADA improvements in the underpasses (Broadway Avenue, Grant Avenue, National Avenue).
  • Doling Trail I-44 Underpass Box Culvert (between Grant Avenue and National Avenue). Future connection of Pea Creek Ridge Trail and Regional Greenway System.
  • Replacing Kansas Expressway Interchange

Application Sponsors:

This grant application is funded by:

  • Ozarks Transportation Organization and US DOT
  • Proposed I-44 Improvements funded by MoDOT, City of Springfield, Greene County, and US DOT.

Proposed Improvements Cost:

The budget for the proposed project scope is approximately $109 million in projected costs. Project is partially unfunded. Unfunded portions are part of the grant application. This is not guaranteed funding. It is a competitive grant based on selection criteria.

Propose Project Schedule:

If you have any comments you wish to share with the project team, please use our online comment card.

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