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Amendment 10--Changes to Major Thoroughfare Plan and System Performance Report

August 2 2019 | 0 Comments

Press Release

Long Range Transportation Plan Amendment 10 Packet

The City of Ozark has requested a number of changes to the Major Thoroughfare Plan, which correspond to the attached map:

  1. Rural Collector to Secondary Arterial - From Sandstone along Summit then Future Secondary Arterial Extending to Hwy W
  2. Collector to Local - 22nd between Hwy 14 & Warren
  3. Add Future Primary Arterial - 19th from New E/W Future Collector from 6th to Selmore, Revised 17th Alignment
  4. Revise Oak to Primary Arterial from 17th to 11th, Remove Western Future Primary Alignment
  5. Revise Collector to Local and Remove Future Collector on 7th & 5th
  6. Remove Future Collector from Hartley to Lark
  7. Future Collector Realigned to 25th Street
  8. Revise 20th to Secondary Arterial from Collector, Remove Future Collectors and Proposed Secondary Arterial, Realign Future Collector to Fremont
  9. Future Collector between Combs & Fremont Removed
  10. Future Secondary Arterial Realigned along 20th to Longview
  11. Primary Collector Realigned to 18th
  12. Revise 14th to Local from Collector
  13. Removed Future Collector & Revised 12th to Local
  14. Relocate Future Secondary Arterial Alignment
  15. Future Secondary Arterial Bridge Crossing Removed
  16. Realign 19th Collector to Frontage Rd Alignment
  17. Sunset Revised to Local and Future Collector Relocated at Garton Rd to Indian Valley Dr
  18. Add Future Collector from Bluestem to Farmer Branch
  19. Revised Fremont to Primary Arterial from Sun Valley Rd to County Line

Staff is recommending an additional set of changes to update the Major Thoroughfare Plan with changes that have been made to an existing roadway:

  1. 1. Realignment of Central Street to Pythian Street Central has been vacated and is now a part of the OTC campus. Pythian has now been extended to recreate an east-west connection. This update corresponds to the Functional Classification Request that was approved by the Board of Directors at their June 2019 meeting.

As part of the FAST Act Performance Measures requirements, OTO must continue to update its planning documents to align with the implementation rules of the Performance Measure Requirements. These Major Thoroughfare Plan changes are considered an update to the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Transportation Plan 2040, and so the LRTP System Performance Report must be updated to include the Targets that have been adopted to date.

Transportation Plan 2040 is the long range transportation plan for the region and proposes a list of projects which can be afforded through 2040. Projects moved to construction in the Transportation Improvement Program must first appear in Transportation Plan 2040.

How to comment:



Fax: 417-862-6013

In writing: OTO, 2208 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Suite 101, Springfield, MO 65807

The public comment period will end on August 16, 2019. The OTO Board of Directors will review and consider approving the Amendment at their August 15, 2019 Board Meeting, held at 12:00 noon at 2208 W. Chesterfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Springfield, Missouri. After reviewing recommendations and entertaining public comment, the OTO Board of Directors will decide whether to formally adopt the Amendment, pending additional public comment received through August 16, 2019.

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